Frequently asked questions

Software & Systems

What is a CMS system?

CMS stands for Content Management System and is a system that allows you to make changes to your website from any computer with an internet connection. You are able to transfer photos and videos to the website or increase your products. Our CMS system is not complicated. All our customers are totally satisfied.

Layout & Content

Does my website have a unique design?

With the exception of the low budget websites, all our websites are unique. The website is built from the beginning to fit your style and needs. We take your logo and pictures into account. Yes, you definitly get a unique design.

How do I submit pictures and texts?

Text and images can be sent by e-mail. If the images are to big, we use dropbox.

Domain & Hosting

What do you mean by domain name?

A domain name is the URL of your website. This domain can be obtained from your host. Don't you have a domain name? We offer domain names for 30 euros a year.

What do you mean by hosting?

Hosting (space rented on the Internet) is essential to be able to show you site on the internet. You can arrange the hosting yourself or you let us do it. The costs for hosting on our domain is 65,00 euro for a period of one year (you can simply extend after one year). We also create an e-mail with your domain name like or

Costs & Payment

Should I make a deposit?

Before we start the project, we will take you through all the details. Are you satisfied with the proposed project, then we will ask you for a deposit of 50% of the total contract amount. At 2/3rd of the route we will ask 25% deposit. At the end of the journey and until you are completely satisfied, you pay the last 25%.

Is a website a one time investment?

The costs shown are single for the website. This website is your property. Your only recurring costs are the costs for the Domain Name and Hosting. This costs you pay yearly at your own host.

Services & Support

Will my website be registered at Google?

Registering at Google is included in the price for all websites and they are built search engine friendly.

Are you also offering support?

Yes, we offer full support on all websites we have delivered. There are no extra charges. We do everything to make our customers satisfied as possible about their website. Thereor WebDevil Webdesign is open 7 days a week from 9:00 - 22:00. We prefer e-mail contact.

I have a website but would like to have a restyle

Ofcourse you may contact us. Your website is professionally restyled and if desired with the necessary technical innovations such as an online shop, guestbook, etc. .. Of course developed in your own style and search engine friendly.


How long does it take before my website is up and running?

This can vary from 1 week (for small websites) to six months (for the most comprehensive websites). Feel free to contact us to see how long it take us to realize your plans.

Why contacting a web designer when my neighbor can do it also?

Ofcourse your neighbor (possibly using a special program) can cobble a nice website together, but if you want a professional website you should choose for a web designer. The difference is the difference between day and night (especially in the code). For example, search engines today are incredibly important and errors in code (which is primarily with turnkey programs) disastrous for your Google ranking. Our web designers also look at the functionality of your website and will ensure that your site is loading quickly and that the site is suitable for all browsers. These are some of the characteristics that are very important for SEO (search engine optimization) and the choice for a web designer weight heavily if you have a need for a business website.